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1873 days ago 0 comments From: passingtime Categories: Entertainment  Tags: vampire freaks goth industrial electro passing time site — This is our band on Vampire Freaks check it out
1906 days ago 1 comments From: VampireMandy Categories: Lifestyle  Tags: vampire goth dark minded people — Darkness Walks is a place for Goths, real vampires, and dark minded people where they can share thoughts ideas and too bring their lives together
2070 days ago 0 comments From: DJBOSSMAN Categories: Entertainment  Tags: gothic — <iframe title="MakeAVoice JWPLayer" width="480" height="24" src="" frameborder="0" scrolling=no></iframe>
2125 days ago 0 comments From: xGraveDollz Categories: Lifestyle  Tags: gothic-socials vampire-social-sites pagans paganism wicca witchcraft shamanism — Gothic, pagan Network, Vampire, Fans, Lifestylers, Real Beings, Steampunks, Punks, Emos, whoever, whatever, paranormal and mythologists and other theologists. Charmed Fans, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Blood Ties, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel Fans and Media. Twilight, Underworld, Dracula, Lost Boys, Forsaken, Queen of The damned, and other awesome vampire movies and witchcraft/paranormal Fans and Media.
2267 days ago 0 comments From: xGraveDollz Categories: Lifestyle  Tags: gothic-networks — The Gothic Crypt is a Gothic Social for paranormal, creepy, spooky, lores and legends, vampires, fiction and non, shamans, pagans and others who subscribe to the darker sides of life, style, and cultures.
2269 days ago 3 comments From: Admin Categories: Lifestyle  Tags: gothic industrial culture social network — Gothic Industrial Culture
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