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girl's dead biography


<!DOCTYPE html>




p {

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<p> girl's, dead autiography

window biography.

* GothicdarknessprincessElektra, about me.

Hey, and Hi, to every one who come to my moving, and wonderful, great, and beloved, profile,. I am a 22 year old who is a goth, person. My original age is 26, 26 years old. But, I had it dropped down to the age of 22. To always feel like, a very hot, and young goth. One day I did think, about keeping my second original age. But, wanting to stay to live, I decided to down my age. My name is Ta meka patrice polk, I have the two name's, and two profile's of Gothkitty Spikes, and Insanity Tracks, and the email of morbidmorning's, in a safe place. Because the username of Gothkitty Spikes was, and is mainly about horror, or, horror, and gore,. The same go for the username, of Insanity Tracks. And the email address for morbidmorning's, I put this information in my never ending room. Some aspects of Gothkitty was real but that garbage artwork was not,


I am a perky goth, a straight black haired goth, a dreaming black haired goth, a black haired dreaming goth, a romantic dreaming goth, a romantic goth, a romantic goth, but regular it is just music, and a few of the things, a high class goth, a old dressed goth, a twisted wonderland goth, a willy wonka goth, a alice in wonderland goth, and one main one while being a regular black haired goth,. The main thing I am is a perky goth, and a black haired goth,. I went to school am, a high school graduate, I did go to a online collage. It did not umm... go out right, days later I realized. It was my fault, because I created fake pages of my being a emo. It was for a joke but now it is not, by me. Getting fed up with coming back to the same music artists and bands over, and over again. It got old, this time this GothicdarknessprincessElecktra profile, is who I am. No more jokes for me, my kind of music is any kind of goth music. Especially the cure band to think of old goth, time's I am a up to date goth, but I love old school. Goths and their music to listen, to the different stars in life. I am a gothic artists, with dreams, that is going to come


My favorite kind of animal are horses, not cats or kittens. Because I am, being GothicdarknessprincessElecktra I love every thing cute. And sweet but I hide it. Underneath my other, and only favorite which is the heat. I wanted to be beautiful for once, goth is about being light. It was fun being every thing horror, at first. In my life me seeing only horror, and gore,. Was the only thing in my, mind it is time to branch out. GothicdarknessprincessElecktra is who, I am and the theme is not changing. I have been a goth for twenty eight years not ten with the image of Gothkitty Spikes. Now it is my first year, and seven month's with this image. It will be * two years in December. Of being a really true, goth, and a person,. Ummm...what else could I say about, myself. Except for me being goth, and gothic, and loving vampire's. Werewolve's are a favorite, to. I kind of hate writing about me's, because I do not know. What to say or cannot get, it out when I try to.

Not knowing when I will sneak, up behind you. To make friends will scare you, and people severely. By me just waiting to make friends when I am ready. Just sitting there waiting, thinking of what I will create next, and just enjoying talking to the friends I do have. But, it is a group I was in I plan to add more, by making new friends. On every last website I am on only, in the right place...though due. To not being able to deal with people outside of these areas, by the disgust of their actions. I choose to look like myself for a main look. Then like DOLLEGE, and Misty aura, not the additional picture just the cute, hot, sweet, photos of how my main look will look like. While having a look of my own, and the DOLLEGE profile. Will lead to me looking like my twin, sister's. Of my own choice on my own, decision,...well for right now I want to look like, DOLLEGE, and my own look,.

To make what I said *smile, I GothicdarknessprincessElecktra am just another goth girl who like to make friends. I also use the words woman, and lady, because that is what I am to. Choosing to act like act like...a little small girl. In her own crazy, fun, and insane loving world. Is who I am I know how to step it up, when I want to. And, when it is needed if it come out when I am. Just being a black haired goth by accident, I am not trying to be mean, and evil,. On purpose but some things, I need to take seriously. I am taken which means I am not, available to any one. It is possible to add more people on but just say if you are goth or not. And, just add who you are once all of the slots are, filled that is it. Went to school already, but I am going back. For fun, and to review my brain. But, once I finish with actually going to school, this time .. I will not change the school part of my about me because, me going back to school for fun. ..Is permanently not temporary it will be in different time's though and not all bunch up together because I want to have fun, and live life,.

Going to school was not in, the right place. For me knowing home school, is the only option. I am looking forward to, get better learning skills. In order to succeed in life, to accomplish my dreams because they are my goals in life. For right now I get paid, to be goth but in. The future I am looking forward to getting paid to mainly write *essays, for having a important job. Maybe to own my own coins.....:XD. Yup, a important person for the rest of my time food manufacturing. When this is over for the essays, and the food manufacturing. Early on in the day while drinking what I love. It is going to be a model, a art worker artists, a book writer, and a youtube singer for a hobby. The singing part is just on my free time.... If I had a full permanent, job. It will be a full time model, but not right now.

While I am goth being, goth. I am on level's 1, and that is being a goth, level 3. Level 2, 4, 5, 8, 16, 50, 49, and level 10, and 6, and 8,. On the music level's I am a mortal love, flowing tears, within temptation, stream of passion, evanescence, nightwish, and a epica,. And, oh I forgot to mention. For the people level I am no longer interested. In being Timothy Graves. I was headed towards being a Timothy Graves but after I seen, How they really act I changed, my mind so I am on the life goth, and gothic, level's with the number's, and the music level's,. I still love the favorite color, of black, but my second favorite secret favorite color is mainly pink. I like all kinds of pink...really but I keep it in, and hide it,. Other subculture's I am apart of was mentioned earlier. I am apart of is apart of me, to. But I am mainly a black haired goth, and a perky goth.

Death and dark surrounding's is my, only and main favorite,. Atmosphere to be in light is a favorite also, the darkness is my home. Graveyard's and coffin's, is where sleep feel like cotton. I go to sleep at night, dreaming of the day to. Come of being goth which is tomorrow. It is not done on purpose, me trying to stop it. Happen more than a few time's I been gave up. This is just how I am. I will go ahead and say that, I love to travel. Never hated it just pretended to until the time was/is right. My favorite time to travel, is at night. But, by me being out in the day. Time. So, now I love both..but if I am awaken.

Early or to early I will just get use to, it by. Being happy, and excited, to join the group. Besides loving to travel along, with liking it. All kind of animal's is my favorite. Of all time * me learning, and reading, about the different kind's of sound's. Coming from them is a/my favorite time of the year. It remind me of halloween, halloween is a pretending. To be a black cat or one of them is, apart of me being weird. Petting a black cat is like imagining beautiful thing's, who can come out of true goth <3 beauty. I just pet them to make, sure they are the right one to have in my life. My real favorite season, is spring time..not plain. Thunder storms, and rain I cannot, help but to love the spring. But other season's are favorited to, while spring, is here. *leaves are falling when winter is here it take over then I love the snow. I am a plain black rose with to many different color's.

*My gothic interests*
<li> I mainly like every last kind of coffee there is, but there is a ton's of few coffee's I hate. </li>
<li> coffee </li>
<li> sitting at a grave yard </li>
<li> grave yard's </li>
<li> gothic rock music </li>
<li> goth rock music </li>
<li> gothic metal music </li>
<li> goth metal music </li>
<li> plain goth music,...any goth music is accepted really. </li>
<li> any kind of gothic music there is, </li>
<li> gothic high heels, </li>
<li> boots, </li>
<li> platform boots, </li>
<li> fruit's, </li>
<li> mostly - mainly fruit's, but I cannot stand a lot of fruit's...but I will try them in certain food if the food make the fruit's taste good. Or if the fruit's I cannot stand, make the food taste good I will eat the food...any way. </li>
<li> platforms, </li>
<li> comic books, </li>
<li> video games, </li>
<li> drinking water, </li>
<li> water, </li>
<li> writing goth poems, </li>
<li> writing gothic poems, </li>
<li> reading goth poems online, </li>
<li> reading gothic poems online, </li>
<li> any thing that have to do with horror, and gore,.
<li> horror </li>
<li> horror, and gore, </li>
<li> horror movies </li>
<li> horror TV shows </li>
<li> vampire's </li>
<li> goth poems </li>
<li> gothic poems </li>
<li> gothic poetry </li>
<li> staring at grave yard's on the computer </li>
<li> goth sister's who look scary, and frightening, :XD and that is the black haired goth's,...a lot of them are regular goths. </li>
<li> goth beauty </li>
<li> gothic beauty </li>
<li> goth makeup </li>
<li> goth sister's dark atmosphere </li>
<li> goth doll's </li>
<li> gothic dolls's </li>
<li> goth magazine's
<li> goth mother's dark atmosphere </li>
<li> goth TV show's </li>
<li> goth movie's </li>
<li> gothic decoration's </li>
<li> halloween </li>
<li> christmas </li>
<li> top female goths or male goths </li>
<li> the top, and best, female goths, because they are my favorite to stare, but only online while I am offline to stare at them normally, </li>
<li> vampirefreaks, </li>
<li> vampirerave, </li>
<li> flower's, </li>
<li> any kind of rose's, </li>
<li> a black rose, </li>
<li> a red rose, </li>
<li> tombstone's, </li>
<li> witche's, </li>
<li> vampire teeth, </li>
<li> the level of 49 of being goth, </li>
<li> the level of 10 of being goth, </li>
<li> nail polish, </li>
<li> rain, and thunder, storms but in a different way now., </li>
<li> gothic color's, </li>
<li> color's, </li>
<li> being a black haired goth while being a wierd to wierdo goth, while I am being a cybergoth but temporary. Then it is back to being a wierdo goth, and a black haired goth,.,
<li> every thing goth, and gothic,. </li>
<li> PC game's, </li>
<li> taking walk's, </li>
<li> taking very long walk's, </li>
<li> walking on the beach, </li>
<li> skeleton's, </li>
<li> gothic skeleton's, </li>
<li> reading horror book's, </li>
<li> reading mystery book's, </li>
<li> reading horror, and mystery, book's, </li>
<li> mainstream horror book's, </li>
<li> goosebump's, </li>
<li> the vampire diarie's, </li>
<li> mona the vampire </li>
<li> pushing daisie's </li>
<li> the movie of dead silence </li>
<li> watching movie's, and eating, </li>
<li> black haired woman goth's, I have not lost my love for the black haired goths woman, and ladies, they are my favorite kind. </li>
<li> arcade's </li>
<li> computer's </li>
<li> electronic's </li>
<li> umm,...sneaking up on people and scaring them :), </li>
<li> werewolve's, </li>
<li> social network's, </li>
<li> event's </li>
<li> parties </li>
<li> looking at gothic gifs picture's, </li>
<li> staring at gothic picture's, and staring at goth picture's, </li>
<li> any thing goth dreaming </li>
<li> board game's </li>
<li> running goth's, </li>
<li> eating restaurant food </li>
<li> listening to my playlist, </li>
<li> listening to gothic music, </li>
<li> relaxing </li>
<li> looking at picture's by famous people </li>
<li> and mainly being a wierdo goth, and a black haired goth while being fully, apart of the goth subculture's I written down., </li>
<li> a mainly wierdo goth, and a black haired goth,., </li>
And, goth is just who I am.
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